Native Speaker Week – Spaß und Action sind garantiert

Die Woche vom 20.02.2012 bis zum 24.02.2012 war keine gewöhnliche Schulwoche, jedenfalls nicht für die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 9c und 9d, denn in dieser Woche war nur Englisch angesagt – die Native-Speaker Woche fand statt.

Native Speaker Network

Blomberg – The Native Speaker Project began on December 6, 2010 in HVG for the 9c students and lasted one week. For this week, we were taught by two Americans. Everyone was very nervous when they walked in, but after a few minutes we found out, that this week would be cool. First, Chris and Mr. Cobbs introduced themselves. Then, our class was divided into two groups, which were led by Chris and Mr. Cobb. When Mr. Cobb’s group was out of the room, Chris wanted us to tell him something about our life. Everyone joined immediately and a nice discussion resulted. After this, we played ‘the love game,’ where two people discovered their beloved without watching. After the lunch break we went to the sports hall and played an American sport called ‘kickball’. It was a lot of fun!