Native Speaker Week of 9c and 9d

From 23rd to 27th June 2014, two classes of the 9th grade participated in a project called “Native Speaker Week” organized by Lingua Projects. Four native speakers from New Zealand and the USA came to our school and taught us e.g. role-playing, creative writing and teamwork nine lessons each day – everything in English!!!

On Friday, each group presented an individual project the students had prepared during the week, for example a dance and a talk show. Every day we had much fun and the teachers also seemed to be very pleased.

The “Native Speaker Week” was only possible due to the management of our teachers Irina Christ, Marion Franke-Eickmeier and Kerstin Hargarten and very generous donations provided by the Volksbank Ostlippe eG and the Bürgerstiftung Zukunft Blomberg.

We thank you very much for your support!
Lisa Hildebrandt (9d)